Decoration Period

December 26th - December 30th

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Downey Rose Float Association Copyright 2018
Last Updated 02/24/19

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2,737 Cranes Created

This page is dedicated to the volunteers who have helped us create paper cranes for our

"On the Wings of Hope" 10,000 Crane Challenge.

From all the members of the

Downey Rose Float Association,


Leon Aguirre, Sabrina Avery, Chris Aziz, Stephanie Bahena, Joy Barnett, Angie Bonilla, Pam Chambers, Jeremy Clifton, Cynthia Clifton, Haley Clifton, Reggie Donahue, Jennifer DeKay, Aliyah Dubon, Tony Dubon, Diane Duncan, Emily Falcon, Alyssa Fetter, Brett Fetter, Leah Francisco, Betty Garrido, Eileen Garrido, Alexis Givens, Gigi Gonzalez, Michelle Gonzalez, James Juarez, Kathy Ledesma, Julie Ledesma, Pam Lee, Emely Lopez, Nancy Lopez, Andrew Malarkey, Edwin Martinez, Lauren Martinez, Ava Miranda, Carrie Redfox, George Redfox, Chloe Resendez, Kelley Roberts, Sarah Sarofeem, Sarah Sarofeem, Carlos Simbala, Alondra Simbala, Martha Sodetani, Claudia Soto, Danielle Storey, Aaron Storey, Zach Storey, Nick Storey, Chris Storey, Domonique Valadez, Alfredo Velez, Lindsay Yost, Heidi Yost, Holly Yost

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