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Bee Inspired 2023 Parade (2) copy.jpg

Bee Inspired

Concept Design by Jason Redfox 

Rendering by Dave Pittman

         (Float Concept)

Inspired by their beehives, Monica and Jason Redfox said “we all have been turning the corner after the last few years, but we also have to turn the corner with our bees.“


Bees play an important part in our ecosystem, they pollinate the majority of the world’s flowering plants, including our fruits and vegetables. The large comb on the float is modeled after a honeycomb, which bees make with perfect hexagons.

The large, purple flower is a catmint, a fragrant flower that attracts many pollinators, including native and honeybees. The bottom of the float is water, which the bees need plenty of to drink. The float will be decorated with a variety of flowers and plants that pollinators love.

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