Past Floats

Year President Tournament Theme Float Entry Awards Won Picture
2017 Sue England Echoes of Success The Gold Rush TBD TBA
2016 Sue England Find Your Adventure Exploring the Eveglads Founder's Trophy
2015 Gary DeRemer Inspiring Stories Home for the Holidays National Trophy
2014 Gary DeRemer Dreams Come True The Glass Slipper Founders' Trophy
2013 Kelley Roberts Oh, the Places You'll Go! Dew Drop By
2012 Kelley Roberts Just Imagine Enchanted Paradise Founders' Trophy
2011 Susan Domen Building Dreams Friendship & Memories A Stroll Down Memory Lane Lathrop K. Leishman Trophy
2010 Susan Domen A Cut Above the Rest Jewels of the Pacific Founders' Trophy
2009 Gary DeRemer Hats off to Entertainment Broadway's Golden Age Founders' Trophy
2008 Gary DeRemer Passport to the wolrld's Celebrations Wild Western Days
2007 Julie Swender Our Good Nature Springtime Treasures Founders' Trophy
2006 Julie Swender It's Magical... Polar Wonderland
2005 Gary DeRemer Celebrate Family Together with Nature
2004 Gery DeRemer Music Music Music The Banyan Tree Jug Band
2003 Mike Prokop Children's Dreams, Wishes, & Imagination Midnight Rescue
2002 Mike Prokop Giid Times Founders Trophy
2001 Mike Prokop Fabric of America Central Park Lathrop K. Leishman Trophy
2000 Julie Swender Celebration 2000: Visions of the Future Future Unlimited
1999 Julie Swender Echoes of the Centry Fast Food Revolutions Founders' Trophy
1998 Julie Swender Hav'nFun Rollerbunnies Volunteers' Trophy
1997 Mark Vasquez Life's Shining Moments Dragon Parade
1996 Doris Patterson Kids' Laughter & Dreams Tropical Playground Founders' Trophy
1995 Dee Bacus Sports-Quest for Excellence Ballroom Champions
1994 Dee Bacus Fantastic Adventure
1993 Cel Kimberly Entertainment on Parade The Sounds of Magical Dreams Founders Trophy
1992 Cel Kimberly Voyages of Discovery A World to Discover
1991 Virginis Ferry Find Your Adventure
1990 Cel Kimberly Fun 'n' Games Fun & Play in ole L.A.
1989 Cel Kimberly Celebration 100 A Time to Remember Rose Parade Centennial
1988 Cel Kimberly Thanks to Communications> Hello-Hello
1987 Cel Kimberly A World of Wonders Wings of a Dream Founders' Trophy
1986 Brownie Brown A Celebration of Laughter Clowning Around
1985 Frank o'Neil The Spirit of America America - A Carousel of Nations
1984 Frank o'Neil A Salute to the Volunteer A Gift from the Heart
1983 John Vincent Rejoice! There's Magic in the Air Founders' Trophy
1982 Maxine A Barnett Friends and Neighbors Flight of a Singing Heart 1st Place Class A7
1981 Brownie Brown The Great Outdoors Nature's Fantasy 1st Place Class A6
1980 Maxine A. Barnett Music of America Cal-E-Ope and his Whiz Band 1st Place Class A6
1979 Maxine A. Barnett Our Wonderful Would of Sports The Games People Play 2nd Place Class A6
1978 Joseph J. Condran On the Road to Happiness Out of Sight 1st Prize Class A6
1977 Dr. Arnold J. o'Toole The Good Life A time for all Seasons
1976 Dr. Arnold J. o'Toole America, Let's Celebrate Tomorrow the Stars
1975 John Vincent Heritage of America Dawn's Early Light Red Rose Award Class A6
1974 John Vincent Happiness is... Happiness is ... Maypoles Founders Trophy
1973 Beatrice Dorn Movie Memories The Seven Year Itch 3rd Prize Class A6
1972 Jean Albrecht The Joy of Music We've only Just Begun Red Rose Award Class A6
1971 Betty Kilpatrick Through the Eyes of a Child Bedtime 3rd Prize Class A9
1970 Dr. Arnold J. o'Toole Holidays Around the World Holidays out of this World White Rose Award Class A9
1969 Unknown A Time to Remember Unknown 1st Prize Class A10
1968 Robert E. DeSpain Wonderful World of Adventure Beyond the Boarder
1967 Dr. Arnold J. O'Toole Travel Tales in Flowers Journey to Beauty.
1966 Dr. Arnold J. O'Toole It's a Small World Population Explosion. 1st Prize Class A10
1965 Dr. Arnold J. O'Toole Headlines in Flowers Ouch! 1st Prize Class A10
1964 Dr. Arnold J. O'Toole Symbols of Freedom The American Beauty
1963 Dr. Arnold J. O'Toole Memorable Moments The One That Got Away 1st Prize Class A10
1962 Dr. Arnold J. O'Toole Around the World in Flowers Pathways of Peace Through Sister Cities
1961 Dr. Arnold J. O'Toole Ballads in Blossom Guadalajara
1960 Dr. Arnold J. O'Toole Tall Tales and True A Myth Come True 2nd Prize Class A7
1959 Cornell M. Shearer Adventures in Flowers Adventures with a Camera 2nd Prize Class A7
1958 Cornell M. Shearer Daydreams in Flowers Skater's Dream 1st Prize Class A7
1957 Cornell M. Shearer Famous Firsts in Flowers The First Gold Digger 3rd Prize Class A7
1956 Cornell M. Shearer Pages from the Ages Treasure Island 3rd Prize Class A11
1955 Leslie Correll Familiar Sayings in Flowers This is the Life 3rd Prize Class A11
1920 (Unknown) (No Theme) The Butterfly 4th Prize (Before Category Awards) (No Picture)
1913 (Unknown) (No Theme) (Unknown) (No Picture)

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