About Us

Downey’s entry has the distinction of being one of only six floats which come under the parade classification of self-built. This classification means our float is completely financed, constructed and decorated by volunteer contributions and help. The Downey Rose Float Association’s entry in the annual Tournament of Roses is a very real community effort! The float, from original design to completion, is well organized, thoughtfully executed and beautifully decorated.

This is accomplished each year by men and women, young and old alike, working side-by-side, giving willingly of their time, talents, enthusiasm and efforts to make it all happen. Our members are civic minded people from all walks of life; doctors, teachers, merchants, engineers, lawyers, secretaries, bankers, accountants, students, and retirees. They make up one of Downey’s busiest service organizations. They are citizens that take pride in their City, with a desire to create interest and esteem for their community.

1991 Float (Theme:Fun & Play in old L.A.)

2011 Float (Theme:A Stroll Down Memory Lane)

1987 Float (Theme:Wings of a Dream)

The Downey Rose Float Association has a long history with the Tournament of Roses. In 1913 we submitted our first entry into the parade and again in 1920 where we took 4th Place. In 1952 a talented group of citizens founded the Downey Rose Float Association (DRFA) and incorporated in 1954. Continuously since 1955 this group of citizens has worked to enter a float in the Tournament of Roses Parade on New Year’s Day.